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  • How Often Are Lessons Added To The Site?
    Lessons are added to Uke On Demand and its YouTube channel every other week.
  • I'm A Beginner, Can I Still Learn These Songs?
    Yes! Start out in our "Easy Songs" category; in each video Zion teaches each song note by note. If you would like extra assistance, you can also book a private lesson with Zion!
  • Is Membership Refundable?
    No, memberships are non-refundable.
  • Need Help Canceling A Membership?
    Simply follow these instructions from Paypal:,-automatic-recurring-payment-or-subscription-on-paypal-faq2254
  • Can I Make Song Suggestions?
    Yes! Members can make song suggestions here:
  • Can I Book A Private Lesson?
    Yes! Email and we will connect with you quickly!
  • Have A Different Question?
    Just email with your question and we will connect with you quickly!
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